Strategies for Developmental Wisdom in Societies of Super Salient Stimuli

December 2022

Historical & Contemporary Pathways Toward Disambiguation of Trans-Symbolic States

November 2022

You don't need me to remind you of the importance of the body -- or do you?

October 2022

Q: Did you once claim to be a racist? Yes. My most heartfelt apologies to any poor soul who clicked on this link inadvertently presupposing it to be a…
enter subtitle (sic)

September 2022

Q: What are Green social ethics? I. GREEN ??? Firstly, I love the perverse niche-ness of that question. It presumes people are familiar with the…
"Goodness in a Metamodern Sense"
Wisdom vs Parasitic Ambidextrous Collective Intelligences

August 2022

Deus ex Mycelia

July 2022

Developing a Good Conscience about Intelligent Ambivalence
Toward a Hybrid Paradoxical Stance on Non-linear Intelligence

June 2022

Q: Was Descartes correct? Doubtful (sic). I mean who could love that face? I’ve answered questions about Rene Descartes before so I will keep this…